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Diver Medic Training Course

The London Diving Chamber Dive Medical Course has been put together to create a practical dive medicine course that is ideal for Dive Guides and Dive Instructors. The course is particularly useful for people who work, or intend to work in remote locations or on liveaboards.

The course will give the participants:

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The London Diving Chamber have brought together a number of experts in specialised fields, staff from The Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth and The London Diving Chamber to provide the best teaching for a practical dive medical course.

  • Recompression Chamber - Simon Wilson (Chamber Manager, London Diving Chamber)

  • Field Medicine - Guy Crofts (Anaesthesia practitioner and state registered paramedic specialising in aeromedical evacuation of the critically ill patient and expedition medicine - First Aid Cover Limited)

  • PFO - Dr Iqbal Malik (Consultant Cardiologist, Imperial College, St Marys Hospital)

  • DCI Denial / Health & Diving - Jules Eden / Dr Oli Firth

  • CPR - Phillip Howarth (Theatre Team Leader, Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth)

  • Animal Hazards - Jules Eden

  • Dive Boat Drugs - Jules Eden

  • ENT - Mr Charles Giddings (ENT Consultant, The Royal Marsden Hospital, London)

Diver Medic Training Course Details

Course Duration: 3 days

Course Dates: TBC

Minimum qualification level: Divemaster / Dive Leader (or equivalent)

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Diver Medic Training Past Student Feedback

"Probably the best medical course I've ever been on"

"Every professional diver should do it."

"Invaluable, a must for all divers, huge content, very well presented in all aspects, pedagogy was fab too! Many myths busted. Can't compliment you all enough superb team!!!"

"Fantastic value, very interesting and useful, very friendly, knowledgeable and good at passing knowledge."

"As a whole this course has been immensely interesting, useful and value for money. It takes an already good working knowledge of dive medicine and takes it to a practical, applicable and life-saving knowledge. It is a course that could be highly recommended to any dive professional or recreational diver."

"All lectures were well presented, by people who have a better than average knowledge of their field. Very refreshing to have such knowledgeable instructors on a course. Very intensive course and probably the best course I have done."

"Most excellent. Standards of all presentations were exceptional."

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